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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting systems provides water for flushing WC’s, washing machines, gardens, washing cars and outside of the house; this in turn limits the use of the mains water which can be quite costly and high energy use.

How it Works

The system catches the rainwater before it goes into the ground or drains.  The water is soft and natural and does not need any additives.  As well as being cost effective it also contributes to flood prevention in local areas especially during storms and heavy rain conditions.


  1. Easy to install (no concrete required)
  2. 25 year warranty on the tank
  3. If the tank runs out the pump automatically switches to the mains, so no need to fill the tank back up, which saves you money
  4. Cuts the cost of your main water bills
  5. Low maintenance
  6. Can be installed above or below ground
  7. Compliant to international standards 
  8. Wide range of tank sizes available

A domestic Rainwater System will save on average around 50% of normal water usage

Commercial Rainwater Systems saves on average 85% of normal water usage

Waste Water Tanks

Waste Water Treatment Tanks

Easy to install treatments tanks for single house to 50 people.

  • No noisy blowers
  • Reliable operation – no clogging
  • Fully trained, local service & support
  • Soakaway options
  • Energy efficient (7 mins/4 people/day)
  • Sampling point included in system
  • Child security covers

Waste Water Treatment units

Solar North Wales provides lightweight, easy to install, compact small sewage treatments plants which have low installation depth.

  • Single house to 25 people
  • No concrete required
  • Meets all consent levels for discharge
  • Reliable
  • Easy to install, small footprint
  • No disturbance of existing tank
  • Fully qualified installers
  • Low installation and whole life costs


Ground Source Energy

Ground Source Energy

Ground source heatpumps circulate a mixture of water and antifreeze around a loop of water that is buried under the ground. The heatpumps are capable of heating water for the heating and hot water circuits of a house.

Solar North Wales works via their sister company mini muckshift to install these heatpumps.


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