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Benefits of Solar Energy

Hyundai Solar PV panels

There has been an insignificant rise in the amount of people opting for Solar Energy systems in recent years.  And it's not surprising with the amount of benefits that Solar Energy offers.


  1. Although the initial outlay for Solar Energy installation systems can seem a quite high, it doesn’t take too long to get your investment back, and the energy produced form the sun is practically FREE
  2. The Feed in Tariff scheme run by the government is a great incentive to switch to Solar Energy
  3. The switch to Solar Energy will certainly save you money on electricity bills (if you have any at all)
  4. You will see the savings immediately and this will carry on for many years
  5. Solar Energy is not affected by the ever increasing costs of fuel 
  6. You can actually make money from Solar Energy. If you produce enough electricity you can sell it back to the grid

Environmentally Friendly

  1. Solar Energy is renewable and clean unlike gas, oil and coal 
  2. Converting to Solar Energy helps protect the environment
  3. Many traditional forms of electrical generations release carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide or mercury into our atmosphere, unlike Solar Energy which does not pollute our air
  4. Solar Energy does not contribute to global warming, smog or acid rain
  5. Solar Energy is only generated when needed

Other Benefits

  1. A Solar Energy system can work independently; it does not require a power connection, or gas grid. This means that solar systems can be installed in remote locations like log cabins, which also cuts costs of supplying a new electricity supply to a site. 
  2. Solar Energy systems are virtually maintenance free
  3. Once a Solar Energy systems is installed there are virtually no recurring costs
  4. They operate silently, do not release any offensive smells and do not require any fuel to be added



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